The Blues

We've got the blues…well we’re not listening to southern music...and we're not having a bad day...but we are talking about how haute the color is this season when it comes to decorating your home.  Look is being used everywhere from accent colors on the front door to more unexpected details like the bottom of a bathtub.  The key is to make sure you have the right blue.  Do you have any blue already in your home?  Matching it to paintings, curtains, or chairs could be a good way to start.  When considering blue, however, you want to make sure you are creating an emotion and highlighting architectural features that may be hidden gems in the space. Just a few guidelines for “Blue-ing” out your home:

It’s definitely unconventional but painting with both light and dark shades can give you deep rich results.  When transitioning from a light blue to a dark blue - start with a color such as Blue Ground by Farrow & Ball and bring in subtle darker blue accents in wall trim, art, or piping on upholstered furniture.  When attempting to paint the adjoining spaces, try using a semi gloss or high gloss paint to make an even more dramatic statement.  Suggested darker colors that blend well with the Blue Ground paint are Hague Blue or Railings by Farrow & Ball.

When carrying out a blue color scheme throughout the house think in terms of three basic values:  light, medium, and dark.  Create a flow that unites all of the spaces.

You don't necessarily need to paint the walls to add this fabulous accent color to a room.  Enliven neutral spaces by using different shades of blue in carpets, florals, and textiles.  Mixing in patterns and textures such as bamboo, iron, and glossy ceramic accessories will help create the quintessential room.

Deep blue’s such as Blue Black by Farrow and Ball are a softer alternative to black.  And you won't lose the impact.  For a more dramatic statement try using the Blue Black in a high gloss finish, it in turn creates a richer and bolder look for the color.  When using this color for a room, paint the ceiling in lime white.  Its mid toned undercoat will complement the dark color.

Do you have the blues?